Develop your inner strength to build confidence, overcome anxiety and improve mental health.

- Vivek Rajan



vivek rajan
I have introduced meditation to people from young to old, high school students to working professionals, and those suffering grief to sleep deprivation and depression. Throughout, I have witnessed and continue to be astounded by the transformative power of meditation and yoga.



My personal insights into meditation and yoga will help you build confidence, eliminate fear, overcome anxiety and improve mental health by helping you develop the inner strength to handle your emotions.


As a certified yoga and meditation teacher for the international non-profit, Art of Living Foundation, over the last ten years I have been invited to teach meditation courses and workshops at the University of Houston, Rice University, MIT, Northeastern University, the Framingham District Court, and Morse Public Library in Natick, Massachusetts. I also taught the first Art of Living Foundation meditation course for young adults in China.


Insights, Inspiration, and Strategies for Developing Inner Strength

Every week I put out a video about something I’ve learned practicing meditation over the last 14 years. Just click on any of the links below for my best insights into the tendencies of the human mind, and how meditation helps develop inner strength.

The Secret of Developing Positive Relationships

We have different types of relationships – relationships with our spouse, kids, parents, friends, co-workers, etc. How can we learn to develop a positive relationship in all of these relationships? Is the quantity or quality of time spent that really matters in a relationship? Find out more in this video …

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Why do we have the fear of public speaking? We have the fear of making a mistake, we are afraid of making a …

How to Let Go of Anger

Anger can be a strong emotion that’s hard to control. When we get angry it usually takes us over, and we react…

How to Handle a Break-up

Break-ups can make us sad, miserable, and unproductive. Time heals breakups. But there are ways to handle a break-up much…

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Programs & Events

SKY Breath Meditation

SKY Breath Meditation
Through a combination of yoga, powerful breathing exercises, meditation and practical wisdom, the Art of Living SKY Breath Meditation will help you live life the way you’ve always wanted to. I have been a meditation teacher since 2009 and witnessed transformative change in the hundreds of students I have taught.

Introduction to Meditation

 Introduction to Meditation
If you are new to meditation, you’ll get a taste of meditation, yogic breathing and their benefits in this introduction to meditation. The session is a mix of guided relaxation through the breath, insights into the nature of the mind, guided meditation, and a question & answer session. Come join me at the weekly online meditation sessions.