Break-ups can make us sad, miserable, and unproductive. Time heals breakups. But there are ways to handle a break-up much faster than time. Here’s how …

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Break-ups can be miserable. It can make us sad, miserable, depressed and unproductive. And it takes time to heal from a break-up. Usually takes in the order of months or most likely even in the order of years to overcome a break-up.

Around 13/14 years ago I had gone through a break-up and we had known each other for around 4 years. So, we had known each other for a long time and when the break-up happened it was quite devastating at that point.

And I remember, just the memories of the events that happened would bring back sadness, anger, and guilt. And it became very hard for me to be productive at work. I would go to work and when I sat in front of my computer the only thing that I could think of was the events that had happened in the last couple of months when I’d gone through the break-up. And that would just prevent me from getting any effective work done.

And when the memories used to come back, I would relive all those emotions that I went through during the break-up and that was very unpleasant. Even though the event had happened a couple of months ago, just the memories of it were bothering me and bringing those emotions back. After a couple of months, it was still there. I realized that I needed to do something to get my life back on track.

It’s around that time that I had done the Art of Living’s Happiness Program, and where I learned the SKY breathing technique (aka Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique). And, as soon as I did it, it felt great. The experience was great, but I really wanted to know what long-term effects that it can have. So, I stuck with the practice of practicing the SKY breathing technique every day and after about three or four months roughly around that time what I noticed is something very unique.

What I noticed is that it’s not that the memories or the events of the past go away but the emotion associated with the memories, the charge associated with the memories, that goes away and that’s real true freedom from the past. Otherwise, our memories keep coming back, playing in our mind and we relive those emotions. But if the charge and emotion associated with the memory goes away then that’s real freedom from those events from the past. And that’s what I experienced.

It’s like, to give you an analogy it’s like carrying a backpack all our life. And as we go through life, we are filling a backpack with stuff and it gets heavier and heavier and heavier. If we don’t empty the backpack at all then it’s going to get so heavy at one point that we’re unable to carry it. And this is exactly what we do with our minds. As events happen in our life, you’ll notice that it gets stored in our memory and as we carry on the intensity of those events becomes heavier and heavier and it bogs us down in life. It makes us unproductive. It makes us miserable.

We haven’t learned the skill how to let go or drop these memories and the SKY breathing technique or the Sudarshan Kriya technique is a wonderful, wonderful way to help us drop these events or get rid of the charge, the emotion associated with these memories. So, if you have gone through a break-up or for that matter any intense experience in the past that you’re unable to let go, the SKY breathing technique is a wonderful way to overcome, to drop those memories.

I know we have all heard “live in the present” but no one has really told us how to live in the present. But keeping up with the SKY breathing technique every day you’ll notice that living in the present becomes a reality and that’s true freedom from the past. So, if you’ve gone through a break-up, I would strongly recommend you try the SKY breathing technique from The Art of Living Foundation and you’ll notice for yourself what a difference it can make.

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